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About Safer’s Pest Control Team

There is much to learn about us. Can you name any other home services company with a “Brain Trust” — one that has not one, but two entomology majors, one with a no-kidding PhD?

Well, Safer Home Services actually has a PhD on our advisory committee. Both Chuck Steinmetz and Phillip “Doc” Nichols are honest-to-God bug studying entomology majors, and you can see both of them standing next to Safer Home Services President, Jim Swayne, in the picture to the right.

Not only are Chuck and Doc bug scientists, they are giants in the Pest Control industry. Here’s a bit more about each Pest Protection Expert pictured:

Chuck Steinmetz

img1.9Chuck Steinmetz literally invented Once-A-Year Pest Control. Before once-a-year pest control, the only option was monthly spraying. Chuck changed that forever back in 1982

As an entomologist, Chuck knew that cockroaches were periodomestic — meaning that they actually live outside and only venture into homes for food, water, or shelter. And that meant that it was possible to lock those pests out rather than trying to kill them once they were already inside. This simple insight revolutionized the industry and led to the creation of Once-A-Year Pest Protection.

But Chuck is far more than just a scientist, he’s also a business man. Having been successful in the Pest Control Industry, Chuck took his Once-A-Year Pest Protection strategy and revolutionized the industry with it by creating and running Sears Authorized Termite & Pest Control, which would grow to become one of the largest pest control companies in the United States. Mr. Steinmetz also founded and ran Middleton Lawn & Pest Control, which would grow to become one of the largest companies in Florida.

Safer Home Services Team

Phil “Doc” Nichols, PhD

Doc photoPhil, referred to by his colleagues as “Doc”, began his career in the classroom, while working to complete his doctorate in Entomology. After a quick tour as a high school teacher of Advanced Biology and Chemistry, Doc ventured into the corporate world as a business owner and employee for large and midsize pest control and turf companies. He has since spent his career bringing scientific improvements and rigor to the industry.Doc’s experience includes:
Developing practical and scientific methods for the identification of pests;
Training techs in the field analysis of difficult insect control problems;
Designing procedures and protocols for chemical specifications and applications, including the type and use of equipment;
Developing and delivering Pest Control Technician training programs;
Acting as a go-to media “pest expert”, and expert witness in litigation.
In fact, it was Chuck Steinmetz who hired and teamed with Doc Nichols, putting him in charge of developing the training and protocols for delivering the revolutionary Once-A-Year Pest Protection service. Because there’s a big difference between having a strategy that works in theory and having a team of trained technicians who can execute that strategy to provide results to the client.Over his career as a working Entomologist, Doc has been published four times, and has been a presenter across the US. He is a member of Phi Chi Omega pest control fraternity. He has been a member of Termite Advisory Committee of National Pest Management Association (NPMA), and held the chair his fourth year of membership. He is still on the NPMA Technical Advisory Committee.In 2011, Dr Philip Nichols won the prestigious Crown Leadership Award, one of the highest awards in the industry. Doc remains active in the pest control industry as a widely sought-after consultant, and is one of the Safer Home Services Technical Advisors, involved in program development and training.

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Jim Swayne

831Jim has been in the Pest and Termite Control business in Florida and Texas for 30 years — pretty much all of his adult life. And all of his life, Jim has been an environmentalist. From his early days hunting & fishing in the mountains of Pennsylvania to his years spent on the open ocean and coastal estuary systems, Jim has always been in tune with our environment. Who better to lead a company that protects peoples’ homes, health, and property but always with a concern on how what they do impacts the environment?Jim started out as a field technician and has personally protected thousands of Florida families and their homes from dangerous pests and termites. In fact, it was as a field technician and then a manager of techs that Jim became a protege of Chuck Steinmetz’s at Sears and Middleton.So when Chuck took the reins at Sears and began his once-a-year revolution, he brought Jim along and had him work with Doc Nichols to train and manage the field techs who would deliver the revolutionary Once-A-Year Pest Control service. Jim would grow in that role to lead all of the Sears Authorized Termite & Pest Control teams west of the Mississippi. Later, Jim would re-join Chuck at Middleton Lawn & Pest Control as their Director of Training & Leadership Development.Since that time, Jim has held numerous senior and executive positions in top-tiered pest control companies, but has long wanted to bring the training rigor and scientific know-how of the Sears and Middleton’s years back to the pest control industry.And that’s when he decided to start Safer Home Services.