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Bed Bugs

Where do Bed Bugs Hide? 

Due to the small size and flat shape of Bed Bugs, they can be rather difficult to find. They are also excellent travelers, they can hide in suitcases, boxes, shoes, clothing, and other cracks and crevices in your home. A colony of less than 50 bugs can easily grow to the hundreds or even thousands with an adequate food source. Removing the hosts, or food sources, for these bugs is ineffective, as they can survive for months at a time without feeding. The most common areas for a bed bug infestation to occur in are the following:- Box Springs & Mattresses - Couches & Chairs -Bed Frames & Headboards -Walls & Ceilings -Dressers & Night StandsThey can also be found in various fabrics throughout a home, such as bedding, curtains, luggage, rugs, or around carpet edges. The one consistent thing about the hiding places of bed bugs, is that they must be near a host to feed. These areas are usually where the host spends the most time (in bed, on the living room couch, office chair)

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bugs, once nearly eradicated as a common pest in the United States, are reappearing in record numbers across the country and around the world. Bed bug infestations are being reported everywhere people live and work: homes, dormitories, apartments, motels, hotels, schools, theaters, trains, buses, offices, hospitals, department stores – and the list goes on.The best defense against them starts with knowing a little about them – what they look like, where they hide, and how they spread.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? 

Bed Bugs are small, flat shaped, wingless bugs. Adult bed bugs are brown in color, though they sometimes appear red after feeding. The average size of a bed bug is 4 to 5 mm, or about the size of a pencil eraser. Juvenile, or baby bed bugs, may be difficult to see, though adults can typically be found in the bedding and mattresses of an infested home.
What do bed bugs look like

How do Bed Bugs Spread? 

Bed bugs are excellent hitch-hikers. An individual can pick up a bed bug from a taxi, hotel room, movie theater, and just about any place that a human sits, rests, or sleeps. Tracking down the exact source of an infestation requires a keen eye and a thorough inspection. Once disturbed, bed bugs will seek out a quieter hiding location, possibly causing the infestation to spread to other pieces of furniture or rooms.Once a Bed Bug infestation has been discovered, it is important to act quickly. The best course of action to make certain the pests are adequately dealt with is to call a professional bed bug extermination service.Safer Home Services has expert pest control technicians who will find the source of your infestation and discuss with you the best course of action to eliminate the bed bugs. To learn more Safer's bed bug extermination services, as well as other pest control services we provide, call (727) 800-2992

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