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Drywood Termite Extermination



When it comes to exterminating any drywood termites you might have, realize that they “can come in from anywhere and hide inside the wood” nature, combined with their small colony size, means that homes are often infested with multiple separate colonies. This is important because it creates the need for advanced detection technologies capable of locating the colonies and verifying colony destruction following treatment.

Unlike with Subterranean or Formosan termites, there is no preventative treatment against Drywood Termites available. This is because drywood termites enter the home through the smallest cracks, crevices, knotholes, joints, and seams in and around your home AND because drywood termites, unlike Subterranean termites, live entirely in dry wood and require no contact with soil and no additional moisture source other than the moisture contained within the wood. In other words, there’s no way to keep them out.

The two most common treatment methods are fumigation and localized treatment, also known as “spot treatments.” Other treatments such as heat treatments, cold treatments, and electro-gun treatments have been tried and are still offered by some companies, however, they have NOT been proven effective and reliable.


Localized treatments can be effective if there is truly an isolated drywood colony or two that can be fully accessed to treat. There are many effective control products to treat drywood termites locally. The problem with most localized treatments lies not in the treatment but the determination that there is only one or two isolated colonies AND that they are fully accessible to treat.



Most termite companies lack the technology to confirm or deny the presence of active termites hidden within the structure – so if you have active drywood termites in one part of the home, your company has probably missed other active termite infestations. (In fact some companies, recognizing these facts, will try the “shotgun” approach. They will drill holes in your walls, around every window and door and blindly inject control materials into your walls. In many cases they do more damage than the termites!)


Most termite companies spot treat for termites “blindly”.They drill & treat where “they think” the termites are based upon “swarming exit holes” or “kick out holes” but they really are just guessing–and taking chances with your home and furnishings.Safer Home Services Prescriptive Drywood Treatments on the other hand,are only prescribed when we have scientifically determined we are dealing with an isolated colony AND we can totally access the colony for an effective treatment.


Structural fumigation is the method where the house is wrapped with tarps and a fumigant, Sulfuryl Flouride is released inside a structure to kill 100% of the termites. It works so well, it is the only product the Florida Department of Agriculture recognizes as achieving 100% elimination of drywood termites when performed correctly. Other treatments are considered as supplements, meaning they offer limited control of the termite colonies, but not elimination.

Structural fumigation is highly technical and requires good communication and coordination between the customer and the termite protection company. While many companies tout the convenience of spot treatments (or in other words they focus on the inconvenience of having to vacate your home during the fumigation process) they fail to inform customers that spot treatments are only effective when dealing with an isolated and fully accessible infestation. Some companies promote “naturally occurring control materials” that they inject into the wood that are actually as flammable as kerosene!In addition, fumigation may be the “greenest” of drywood termite treatments as well because it leaves nothing behind but dead termites. Sulfuryl Flouride (a pure gas) dissipates quickly into the air when the tarps are removed. Once a structure has been cleared for reentry, there is virtually no trace of the gas inside or outside the structure and no residue left inside the house for you and your family to come into contact with.Sulfuryl fluoride is widely used to fumigate many of the foods we eat every day for a number of commodity pests. It is recognized by the EPA as one of the most effective and safest fumigants when handled by a professional.Regardless of which method is best for your situation, you can trust Safer Home Services will eliminate your termite problem and back up their work with an iron-clad guarantee: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.