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FAQ About Home Pests

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS About pests and termites

Will Pest Control chemicals harm my pets or my kids?

The short answer is that the products used by Safer Home Services will not hurt your pets or your children. There are three reasons for this:

we use organic, natural and safe ingredients whenever we can
we never spray insecticides inside your home’s living spaces
we primarily use attractive baits rather than contact insecticides, and the baits are placed where only the bugs can get to them and well away from your kids and pets.

Is there such a thing as eco-friendly pest control?

Yes. The products we use are all environmentally approved, with many of them approved for agricultural use. And this is especially the case with our attractive baits, that keep the product contained and only ever in contact with the intended insects.

Why do cockroaches and bugs come back after I’ve had my home sprayed? How do I get rid of them?

They come back because they don’t actually live inside your home, they live outside (in the sewers) and only come inside for food — your food! — along with water and shelter.  More to the point, spraying the baseboards puts the contact insecticides where you, your kids, and your pets might come into contact with them, but not where the bugs will.  This is why Safer Home Services focuses on locking pests out of your home rather than spraying inside your home. It’s also why we can treat your home only once a year and the bugs will never come back — because we do it right!

How can I keep ants out of my home?

You can keep ants out of your home by sealing up and blocking their entrances in, just as Safer Home Services Once-A-Year Pest Protection service does. And if you have a really significant ant problem, we can also use Extended Perimeter Protection to push the ants not only out of your home, but away from your yard as well.

What’s the best way to get rid of cockroaches?

If you already have cockroaches inside your home, the best way to get rid of them is to vacuum them up with a HEPA fitlered bug vac like the kind carried by Safer Home Services Technicians. You then want to check all of the normal harborage areas inside the home and, where appropriate, leave attractive baits for them. THEN you want to block all of the infiltration points that the cockroaches are using to get into you home, so you can lock them out using strategic placement of baits, boric acid, and scientifically prescribed product. Finally, you will want to look for harborage areas for the roaches out in your yard and “take the fight to them” using source technology.

What can I do about household pests if I live in an apartment, or if my neighbor is a slob?

The key to locking pests out of your home remains the same for apartments as houses, but we may use attractive baits or source technology treatments more heavily or use Extended Perimeter Technology along the “border” between you and your neighbors yard if their home is a major “source” for pests.

What are some of the different methods for doing pest control?

Monthly – For much of the last century the most common approach was hiring a company to come monthly and spray insecticides on your baseboards. And a lot of companies still use this approach today. The advantages of monthly baseboard spraying are mostly for the company doing it: it doesn’t cost much to deliver it because you use cheap chemicals and you don’t have to invest money training your technicians. The disadvantages are obvious. Monthly service doesn’t work very well – that’s why they have to keep coming back every month. Monthly spraying inside your home can stain and damage walls, floors, and furnishings and exposing yourself, your family, and your pets monthly to insecticides that are applied openly cannot be healthy.

Bi-Monthly – Many companies definition of “innovation” is to come half as often (but do exactly the same thing).

Quarterly – Quarterly service or 4 X a year service may be the most common pest control service provided over the last 30 years. Most companies perform an initial interior service then come back every three months and spray the exterior of the home. While this service may be adequate in areas of the country where there is little pest pressure, it doesn’t work as well in a tropical location like Florida. Plus many of the most common pest problems we face are problems inside the home and simply spraying chemicals outside won’t address them.

Once-A-Year Pest Protection

Once-A-Year Pest Protection was invented by Chuck Steinmetz, one of the founding partners of Safer Home Services. Chuck knew that people wanted a more convenient service than monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly AND he also knew people wanted service that was safe for families and pets. Safer’s Once-A-Year Pest Protection is a 10 Step System that locks pests out of your home with one very thorough treatment and requires no spraying of contact insecticides inside your home’s living spaces.

Why is Once-A-Year Pest Protection a Better Value?

First of all – because we do more to protect you. Your Safer technician actually spends more time in and around your home, strategically applying state-of-the-art baits and control materials, than the monthly guys spend 12 times a year.
Secondly, Once-A-Year is a better value because it covers more types of pests than any other program. Most companies make you pay extra for rats, mice, fleas, wasps, or different types of ants and roaches. With Safer – they’re covered!