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Free Termite & Pest Inspection

No One Does A Better Inspection with Certified Technicians & On-the-Hour Appointments

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Free Termite & Pest Inspection

Modern Radar Technology Used On Termite Inspections

This service is 100% FREE and is a no-kidding, high-tech inspection of your home for pests and termite infestations.

What do we mean by high-tech? Termite Radar!
Ever Safer Home Services Technician comes equipped with over 50 pieces of technology, including one of the most sophisticated radar/thermal/moisture detection devices for termites on the market: the Termatrac T3i.  And we are the only company in the area that equips every technician with the Termatrac for use on every free inspection.

About Safer Home Services Termite inspections

All termite inspections ARE NOT ALIKE. Basic common sense tells you that an inspection is only as good as the inspector and an inspector is only as good as his ability to see. And those are the two areas where the competition falls down:

Safer Home Services technicians are fully trained to inspect for termites and household pests.

Most Pest Control companies simply do not provide their field techs with the right training. This means they may not pick up on even the plainly visible signs of termite infestation, or miss subtle signs of pest infiltration.  An inspection by them will often leave home owners with false assurance.  In contrast, all Safer Home Services technicians are thoroughly cross-trained in both pest control and termite control including inspection and treatment.

100% Free Pest Inspection

Safer Home Services inspectors have the proper tools & equipment to actually see the problem

And this not-properly equipped problem ranges from basic tools — tools such as a high quality flashlight, a 7’ step ladder, a crawl suit, respirator, safety glasses, and bump cap to properly inspect your attic and crawl space — to more advanced technology that actually allows the inspectors to “see” through walls and into wood beams, joists, trusses, etc.  

Termites and even most household pests aren’t out in the open, so without technology to see them where they live, an inspection isn’t worth much.

The competitions’ termite inspectors are NOT equipped with any detection technology beyond their own eyes, making their inspections all-but-useless. And when it comes to household pests, most don’t even show up with a ladder and a flashlight.

Free Termite

Get a free termite pest inspection today. Safer Home Services is the only company in the area that equips and trains all technicians with the TermaTrac T3i – an amazing device that uses 3 separate detection technologies to detect and track termites:

moisture monitoring
So your Safer Home Service technician can “look” behind walls and into furniture and fixtures to detect if termites are there and confirm whether termites are active or dead.

Don’t Guess — Know For Sure

The entire point of a termite or pest inspection is to find out for sure whether your home does or does not have termites and/or pests. And the only way to know for sure is to have a real expert come out with professional-quality equipment and inspect your home. Fortunately for you, Safer Home Services will do just that for free.