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Mosquitoes can prevent homeowners from enjoying their outdoor living spaces and threaten human health by spreading disease. That’s why Safer HomeServices is proud to offer the SecureChoice™ Mosquito Assurance Program, which is designed to help you have a Mosquito free living space.

Our insect growth regulator formulation and unique mode of action effectively controls populations of mosquitoes and other pests to prevent them from becoming egg-laying adults both indoors and out.

Mosquito applications are also targeted to shrubs and plants where mosquitoes rest, so it is critical for a product to withstand tough environmental conditions. We utilize an advanced generation pyrethroid with iCAP™ technology, a proprietary formulation from Syngenta PPM that helps enhance mosquito population reduction and long-term efficacy.

At Safer Home Services we have the experience and equipment to improve your outdoor living experience. We offer year round service to manage any mosquito issues you may have. Our Mosquito elimination process provides an environment that is safe and enjoyable for your family, friends and pets. Call Safer Home Services today for a free inspection 727-800-2992



Most of us have had the irritating experience of being bit by a mosquito. The majority of mosquito bites cause a skin irritation. This is really an allergic reaction that shows up as a red bump. There are more serious reactions that can occur. Some mosquitoes carry diseases such as Malaria and the Zika virus. If you have pets, consider that mosquitoes can transmit parasites to your dog or even your horse. Some examples are heart worm and encephalitis.

There are over 200 known species of mosquitoes. Each one lives in different habitats and bite different animals.

It is important to know that mosquitoes breed in standing water and different species like different types of standing water. There are a large variety of standing water sources. Here are just a few: Old tires, buckets, ponds, marshes, toys, potted plants, tree holes and many others.

There are some mosquitoes that hibernate and then come back when the weather begins to get warmer. There are others that hatch from previously laid eggs in the spring. The temperature outside determines when the Mosquito Season actually starts. In Florida it tends to be early February. This time of the year it goes above 50 degrees F. That’s when we can expect to start seeing mosquitoes. The mosquito season reaches its peak during the hot summer months.