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Why Once A Year

Short Answer


Because Once A Year works better and delivered by higher quality technicians, and comes with a better guarantee


Because Once A Year eliminates the spraying of contact insecticides inside your living spaces


Because you’re busy and the competition’s monthly spraying visits are a nuissance

Longer Answer

  • Because you don’t protect yourself from threats by letting them into your home and then fighting them after they’re already inside - you lock them out, and keep them out, and eliminate them if they even try to get in.
  • We naturally understand that with anything other than pests, mostly because the word “pests” makes us think of nuisance rather than threat.
  • But pests aren’t a mere nuisance, they are disease-carrying, filthy insects that invade your home for food - your food. And sometimes you yourself (or your pets) are their “food.”
  • So adopting a “fight them after they’re in your home” approach simply isn’t good enough. Spraying your baseboards isn’t effective. Neither are roach motels or other half measures. You don’t want to merely send the pests into hiding or just “beat them back” a bit.
  • What you want is to lock pests outside your home all year round.
  • Because when you lock them out, you keep them safely away from you, your pets, and your family.
  • And the only type of pest protection that puts a preventive shield around your home to keep pests out (and eliminates any that are already inside) is Once-A-Year Pest Protection.

Sealing up infiltration points like doors and windows, locks pests out of your home, safely away from your family

Why Don’t All Pest Control Companies Offer
Once-A-Year Pest Protection?

  • Quite simply, Once-A-Year Pest Protection is harder to do. It requires a highly trained and well-equipped technician to do it, and that technician will usually take at least two and a half hours to effectively treat one home.
  • That’s two or more hours outside and inside the home, crouching, climbing, and clambering to get at the hard-to-reach spots and home infiltration points that have to be treated if you really wish to block pests from coming into a home.
  • Compare that to spending about 10 minutes spraying baseboards and it’s pretty easy to see why Once-A-year Pest Protection takes a higher-level of skilled technician.
  • So while it works better, it’s also not something most pest control companies are willing to offer. Or, if they offer it, they usually don’t invest in the hiring and training practices to ensure that it gets delivered properly.
  • That’s why we founded Safer Home Services - to offer Florida families genuine Once-A-Year Pest Protection that’s guaranteed to work.

Denying pests access to your home is detailed, precision work that takes the right training, tools, and work ethic.

serious equipment

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  • flowmetter

  • web master

  • termatrac

  • hepa vac

  • Bait Blaster


  • flowmetter

  • web master