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Termite Warranty

Termite Warranties


There are three broad categories of termite warranties or guarantees:
Termite Warranty Type 1 – No Warranty


Just as the name implies. No warranty for retreatment or repair.
Termite Warranty Type 2 – Retreatment Warranty

These guarantees generally provide that if new live termites (of the type covered by the warranty*)
are discovered, the company will re-treat for that specific type of termite at no additional cost to the customer,
as long as the customer has kept their payments and warranty provisions intact.
*For example: In most cases if a home was treated for Subterranean termites and drywood termites were later discovered,
the drywood infestation would not be covered under the Subterranean warranty.


Termite Warranty Type 3 – A Retreatment & Repair Warranty
These guarantees generally provide that in addition to retreating any new live infestation of the same type termite covered,
the company will provide some repair and/or replacement coverage for damage caused to the structure and contents of the home.
Consumers should be aware there are MAJOR differences between repair & replacement warranties from different companies:

Some companies have a clause in their agreement that the company can amend, modify, or cancel the agreement at any time or at the end of any renewal period, for any reason
Most companies only warrant repair of the structure of the home but exclude any protection for replacement of damaged furnishings, fixtures, or contents.
Most companies have many exclusions in their repair and replacement provisions such as masonry cracks, secondary moisture sources, hardwood floors, etc.
Many exclude Formosan termite damage.

Safer Home Services has the most comprehensive warranty for retreatment & repair in the industry– and our warranty does not include any of the major loopholes listed above. Plus, as always, all of our services are backed by our Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

You’ll sleep better at night knowing your home and your family are protected from termites and the financial risk their damage presents, when you choose Safer Home Services for your termite protection.