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Some bite, some sting, most contaminate our food, some spread bacterial & fungal pathogens.Ants will someday take over the world – but you don’t have to let them rule your world.We Are Ant Experts.Different types of ants require different treatments.“Spraying ants” with over-the-counter products or even your baseboard jockey’s squirt can will make some ant problems even worse.We know how to identify and treat your specific ant problem, safely, effectively – guaranteed.Safer Home Services is the leader in bait technology. Using the Ant Pro Sentinel bait system, we can protect the smallest residential lot or the largest commercial or recreational project.


Cockroaches contaminate food, spread diseases, contribute to allergies and asthma. Some even bite and have been known to invade body orifices while their human hosts sleep.

The term “Palmetto Bug” is just nicer way of saying “COCKROACH”.

If you have seen one cockroach, you HAVEN’t seen them all. Cockroaches – They’re Bad for Your Health

Safer will eliminate your cockroaches quickly. Every single one. And then we’ll keep them out for a whole year.


While the 3 Types of Scorpions we have in Florida are not venomous, they do sting. Scorpions are common in most Florida counties and are most active at night. They hide under boards, rubbish, or similar debris which provide shelter and protection.

Safer’s Once-A-Year Pest Protection includes year-round protection from scorpions.

pantry pests

Pantry pests – also known as “Stored Product Pests” are a common problem with dried foods, cereals, beans, peas, flour, dried fruit, spices, and pet foods. Safer’s Once-A-Year Pest Protection includes inspection for and control of pantry pests.


Of all the most common pests we have, spiders may cause the most fear, partially because there are two well-known spiders that are dangerous to humans: the black widow spider and the brown recluse. Other spiders can and do bite humans but it’s these two that have venom that is neurotoxic (affects the nervous system). While black widows and their cousins, brown widows are common in most parts of Florida, despite what you hear on the news or on the internet, the brown recluse spider is rarely found in Florida.

An important part of controlling spiders is the elimination and disruption of their webs and a reduction of their food supply. Safer’s Once-A-Year Pest Protection includes year-round control of spiders.

rats & Mice

Rats & Mice – 95% of service requests for mice in Florida are really for small rats! In other words, you probably aren’t seeing mice. You’re probably seeing juvenile rats.

Rats – think of them this way - they’re a cockroach in a fur coat Rats - they gnaw at your wiring and plumbing, they urinate and poop in your attic and behind your appliances. And they don’t pay rent.

Rats – Typical rat’s day: play in the sewer. Trip thru the human house looking for food. Sleep. Have babies. Eat some human garbage. Gnaw on wiring to clean my teeth. Lots of peeing and pooping along the way. Back to the sewer. Rats – in the 13th century, we helped the fleas spread the plaque, which killed 1/3 of the entire world’s human population. There isn’t anything funny or friendly about rats.

Rats – there are more rats in urban America than people and 1,000’s of people are bit by rats each year.

The first step is identification of how rats are gaining entry into a structure and your Safer Technician will inspect for penetration points on every annual service. Our primary approach to remedy an existing problem is exclusion and trapping. Control of rats and mice is part of Safer’s Once-a-Year Pest Protection.

fabric pests

Fabric pests do millions of dollars in damage each year to fabrics and household furnishings. Fabric pests include several species of carpet beetles and a couple species of moths that have the ability to digest and utilize keratin as an energy source. Keratin is found in in many fabrics, in sweaters, coats, upholstery, piano felts, blankets as well as in furs, hair, leather, feathers, and horns. Safer’s Once-A-Year Pest Protection includes inspection for and control of fabric pests..

Centipedes & Millipedes

Centipedes and millipedes are part of an informal groups of pests we call “Occasional Invaders”. Their source is primarily outside your home and they come in for the same reasons you do: food, water, and shelter. The multiple treatment steps your Safer technician takes outside your home will lock these pests out of your home.


Silverfish are one of the most common pests found indoors. They eat a wide variety of food containing proteins and carbohydrates such as paper, cotton, glue, paste, linen, and other dead insects. Silverfish can also live for long periods of time without eating. Safer has special baits just for silverfish control and they are one of thousands of pests covered by our Once-a-Year Pest Protection service.


Even a solitary wasp sting can be dangerous, so part of every Safer Once-A-Year Pest Protection service is the physical removal of all accessible wasp nests attached to the home. Your Safer Technician will also treat the most common areas where wasps build their nests to help prevent future nests.


Fleas are pests of humans and our domestic animals all over the world. While most fleas prefer non-human hosts, many can and do feed readily when infestations are heavy. Fleas are carriers of parasites and disease organisms and should be treated as a serious pest problem.

Fleas survive so readily because they have a lifecycle known as “Complete Metamorphosis” meaning they have four distinct stages: Egg, Larvae, Pupae, and Adult. Because of this, successful treatment of the host animal AND frequent vacuuming and moping of all floor surfaces is crucial for the prevention and control of fleas. Indoor flea service is included in your Safer Once-A-Year Pest Protection.

Other Pests

The founder of Safer Home Services, Jim Swayne, started out in this industry as a technician. He worked directly with Chuck Steinmetz and Dr. Phil Nichols in perfecting Once-A-Year Pest Control. He lives and breathes Pest & Termite Control and he knows the importance of hiring and training great techs.We will inspect your home for termites and pest problems for FREE. Call us and we'll send a fully-trained, background-checked, and uniformed expert technician out to your home, equipped with advanced technology and know-how to provide you with the most comprehensive pest & termite inspection on the planet.

Why choose SHS?

"They were able to locate the exact location the termites were located at inside the wall using a hand held radar tool."

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Call Now – We’ll send a trained, uniformed, background-screened and drug-tested technician to your home at the exact time you request. We even send a confirmation email with the pest control technician’s picture and profile – so you know who’s coming to the door!


Your Safer pest control technician will perform a thorough inspection – inside, outside, attic, and crawlspace – and prepare a written report for you. Then your Safer technician will review his findings, explain treatment options, and show you how he calculated the price based on our Rate Card, the type of problem, and the structure of the home.


For most Safer services, the same technician that does your inspection will also perform the service and many can be done the same day. All Safer services are designed with your convenience and safety in mind.

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