Safer Home Services Provides:

Attic Sanitation, Insulation Removal & Replacement

If you have had a rodent or moisture issue in your attic, the insulation in your home could be soiled and damaged from it. Not only is this unsanitary, this also greatly reduces the insulation’s ability to insulate, resulting in higher heating and cooling bills.

Safer Home Services will restore your insulation and clean any rodent droppings and sanitation issues from a past infestation and renew your insulation to its full insulation capacity

Attic Insulation Rejuvenation (A.K.A. Capping)

Insulation also breaks down over time, compacting and reducing its insulating capabilities
If your attic insulation is not soiled but just compacted Safer Home Services will install T.A.P. Insulation over top of your existing insulation back to R-38 value, helping you save money heating and cooling your home.

  • T.A.P. stand for “Thermal, Acoustic, Pest” insulation. This specialized material will not only help reduce the energy needed to keep your home comfortable and cool, but it also helps insulate the home from outside noise and inside noise levels.. On top of all of this, T.A.P. insulation is created with a pest control material built right in, so it helps to control pest activity and reduce pest populations in your home throughout the entire year.

    Our expert technicians will ensure that your home does in fact need new insulation by completing a thorough inspection and determine the amount of insulation, the thickness “R-Factor” and pinpoint any possible sanitation issues where insulation would need to be removed entirely before new insulation could be installed.

    Your Safer Home Services technician will help walk you through this entire process and provide you with a quote for sanitation or insulation installation with no obligation to purchase. Their inspection will also include an inspection of your entire home for pest, termite and rodent activity. All of our inspections are free of charge and are completed by expert technicians using the latest technology and scientific inspection methods. Learn more about Safer Home Services and how we can help reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home and keep your family comfortable throughout the entire year.

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