Fly Control When You Need It Most

Whether they are buzzing around your head, landing on food, or irritating your dog, flies are, at best a nuisance, and at worst, a health hazard. The most prevalent house-infesting flies are common house flies, drain flies, and fruit flies. Populations of each type can multiply rapidly, and a minor annoyance can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation within days. Since many flies carry harmful bacteria, it is important to call your local pest control experts if you discover an infestation. The good news is our team of fly control experts is highly trained and ready to identify and treat your fly problem efficiently and effectively – guaranteed!

  • Once-A-Year Pest Protection: Your Shield Against Flies

    Safer Home Services is your source for effective fly control that prioritizes your convenience. No more monthly visits or indoor baseboard spraying required! Our innovative and proven Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program is the solution you need for most fly infestations.

    Our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program offers a comprehensive solution aimed at keeping common pests, including all types of flies, out of your home with just one annual visit. Adult flies, their larva, and eggs will all be eliminated following our state-of-the-art treatment. On top of that, our process seals all access points and prevents them from re-infesting your home for the rest of the year!

    Effective Fly Control For All Types of Flies

    There are three main house-infesting flies: the common house fly, the drain fly, and the fruit fly. The pest control professionals at Safer Home Services are skilled at identifying, locating, and eradicating each type. Read on for more information on each species.

    Common house fly

    The “Common House Fly” (Musca Domestica)

    The most commonly seen fly infestation is that of the common house fly. They are small – about an eighth to a quart of an inch, with hairy bodies and big red eyes. You’ll often find them around garbage bins, pet waste, and most unfortunately, around your food. This can cause them to transmit bacteria and diseases, and even cause food poisoning, making them a health risk to you and your family. While cleanliness and proper cooking can help reduce the risk, the best way to tackle this problem is to eliminate the flies and their food sources. You can count on our Once-A-Year Pest Protection to eradicate adult house flies, their larvae, and eggs while simultaneously preventing them from re-entering your home.

    photo of a drain fly

    The Drain Fly (Clogmia Albipunctata)

    Drain Flies are small, brown or black insects with a fuzzy, moth-like appearance, measuring about an eighth of an inch. As their name suggests, they tend to gather around kitchen or bathroom drains due to the moisture needed for egg-laying and decaying matter serving as their main food source. These pests can be tough to deal with; they’re naturally water-repellent and often resistant to typical household cleaning products. At Safer Home Services, we have specialized strategies to control and eliminate these pests and their breeding spots. We use precise control materials to remove their egg-laying sites and reduce adult populations, tackling the infestation at its source. Say goodbye to drain fly troubles with us!

    photo of a fruit fly

    The Fruit Fly (Drosophila Melanogaster)

    Fruit flies are tiny, measuring just over 1/10th of an inch, typically brown or tan. They tend to infest homes with ripe or decaying fruit and moist, dark areas like drains, garbage disposals, or trash bins. These pests reproduce rapidly, with a single female laying over 100 eggs that hatch in about a day. Fruit flies are known to carry harmful bacteria and pathogens, posing food contamination and poisoning risks. Our proven pest control process seals access points, removes breeding sites, and creates a protective barrier to keep your home pest-free throughout the year – all included in our convenient Once-A-Year Pest Protection service.

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