Effective Treatment For Many Types of Pests

Pests belong outside, not in your home! We know all the ins and outs about pests and how to keep them out of your life. Here are some of the most common pests and how we treat them:

Once-A-Year Pest Protection Covers:

  • individual image of a florida carpenter ant


    Some ants bite, some sting, most contaminate our food, and some even spread bacterial & fungal pathogens. Some over-the-counter products can even make ant problems worse! Different types of ants require different treatments. Our pest control experts will identify and treat your specific ant problem effectively and conveniently – guaranteed. We provide year-round solutions for most common ant issues through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program. For unique situations or larger properties, learn more about our additional Ant Control Services.

  • Photo of a cockroach


    Cockroaches contaminate food, spread diseases, and contribute to allergies and asthma. Some even bite and have been known to invade body orifices while their human hosts sleep! There are thousands of types of cockroaches. If you have seen one, you have NOT seen them all. Safer Home Services will eliminate your cockroaches quickly. Every single one. And we’ll keep them out for a whole year through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • photo of an individual pantry fly

    Pantry Pests

    Pantry pests – also known as “Stored Product Pests” are a common problem with dried foods, cereals, beans, peas, flour, dried fruit, spices, and pet foods. They include moths, weevils, and small beetles. We inspect for pantry pests and have solutions to prevent them through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a pillbug


    Pillbugs, also known as sowbugs and rollie pollies, are attracted to damp environments. Their diet includes decaying organic matter, which can lead to potential sanitation concerns. We provide year-round control of pillbugs through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • photo of a cloth moth

    Clothes Moths

    Clothes moths feed on natural fibers such as wool, silk, and cotton, leading to the deterioration of clothing, fabrics, and valuable textiles. Taking swift action to remove moths from your home is crucial to preserving your belongings and maintaining a clean and hygienic living environment for you and your family. We provide year-round control of clothes moths through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • a photo of a spider


    Spiders can and do bite humans but two well-known spiders are dangerous to humans – the Black Widow and Brown Recluse. Their venom is neurotoxic, which affects the nervous system. An important part of controlling spiders is the elimination and disruption of their webs and a reduction of their food supply. We provide year-round control of spiders through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a flea


    Fleas are a nuisance for pets and humans alike. In addition to carrying disease, their bites can cause intense itching and skin irritation. Eliminate fleas from your home to protect your family and pets from potential health issues and ensure a comfortable living environment. Safer Home Services provides a year-round flea control solution with our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a silverfish


    Silverfish are known for their destructive feeding habits. They can wreak havoc on paper products, books, clothing, and even wallpaper, causing irreversible damage over time. Their shedding scales and droppings can contribute to indoor allergens and trigger respiratory issues for some people. We provide year-round control of silverfish through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a millipede


    Millipedes are attracted to damp and dark environments, and they have a tendency to feed on houseplants. As a defense mechanism, Millipedes release chemicals with unpleasant odors, that can cause minor skin irritation. We provide year-round control of millipedes through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • solo image of a yellowjacket wasp


    Though some wasps are more aggressive than others, most wasps will only bother you if they feel threatened. Keep a safe distance from nests and if you do find yourself near a wasp, remain calm. Flailing, loud noises or sudden motions may make a wasp more likely to sting. If a wasp nest needs to be removed, give us a call to have the nest safely taken out. We provide year-round control of wasps through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a house cricket

    House Crickets

    House crickets are attracted to food crumbs and can contaminate your living spaces, posing a risk to your hygiene and health. They can also keep you up all night with their chirping! Taking action to remove house crickets promptly can help preserve the comfort and cleanliness of your home. We provide year-round control of house crickets through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a centipede


    Centipedes have a preference for damp and dark environments. This leads them to inhabit basements, bathrooms, and crawl spaces, where they can multiply rapidly. While rare and not usually harmful to humans, their bites can still cause localized pain and irritation. Safer Home Services provides year-round control of centipedes through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a fabric pest

    Fabric Pests

    Fabric pests, such as clothes moths and carpet beetles, can cause extensive damage to textiles, fabrics, and other valuable materials. Their presence can trigger allergies and respiratory issues for some people due to the accumulation of pest debris and droppings. By taking proactive measures to eradicate fabric pests, you can safeguard your belongings, and ensure a clean, pest-free living environment for you and your family. We provide year-round control of fabric pests through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a drain fly

    Drain Flies

    Often mistaken as fruit flies, drain flies are drawn to moisture and drains that aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. While inherently harmless, drain flies can become a huge problem when they turn these areas into their breeding and hatching grounds. Our pest control experts efficiently locate and treat these designated breeding sites. And we’ll even keep drain flies out year-round through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a fungus gnat

    Fungus Gnats

    Fungus Gnats are not only a nuisance but can also pose various health and hygiene risks. These tiny flying insects pose a threat to your health and safety by contaminating food, food preparation surfaces, and living spaces. Gnats reproduce rapidly, causing their populations to quickly escalate. By taking prompt action to eliminate gnats, you can prevent the spread of disease, and protect your food and living spaces. We provide year-round control of fungus gnats through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • an individual photo of a scorpion


    There are dozens of kinds of scorpions in the U.S. Most are active at night and hide under boards, garbage, or similar debris that provide shelter and protection. While some are not venomous, they all sting. Our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program includes year-round protection from scorpions.

  • Photo of an earwig


    Earwigs are attracted to moisture, which can lead them to congregate in bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas. In addition to posing a potential hygiene issue, their presence can also be a nuisance in living spaces, especially when they emerge unexpectedly. Swiftly address and eradicate earwigs from your home with our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

  • Photo of a fruit fly

    Fruit Flies

    As their name suggests, fruit flies are attracted to ripened fruits and vegetables, and can prove to be quite the nuisance. What you might not know about these pests is that they will breed in moist areas of your kitchen such as drains, garbage disposals, and empty bottles and cans. These pests also have the potential to contaminate food with bacteria. We provide year-round control of fruit flies through our Once-A-Year Pest Protection Program.

Additional Pest Services:

  • an individual termite worker


    Termites destroy houses and cause billions of dollars of damage each year in the United States. Even worse, most insurance companies don’t cover termite damage. Safer Home Services is the industry leader in termite inspection using the most advanced technology available. Our technicians are experts in the elimination and prevention of termites in homes and businesses. Learn more about our Termite Control Services.

  • photo of a bed bug

    Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs can hide in suitcases, boxes, and other cracks and crevices in your home. To make matters worse, a colony of less than 50 bed bugs can easily grow to the hundreds or even thousands, causing sleepless nights and possible skin irritation for those unfortunate enough to encounter them. You can rest easy knowing the experts at Safer Home Services are here to help! Learn more about our Bedbug Extermination Service.

  • Photo of a mosquitoe


    Mosquitoes can disrupt your outdoor living space and pose significant health risks to you and your family. While not all mosquito species carry diseases, their presence can still cause discomfort and irritation due to their itchy bites. We can help you create a comfortable, mosquito-free environment with our Mosquito Control Services.

  • an individual photo of a rat


    Rats and mice inflict millions of dollars in property damage annually in the United States alone. To add insult to injury, these rodents can spread diseases to humans, according to the CDC. While traps and poisons are reliable methods for getting rodents out of your home, they are by no means permanent solutions. At Safer Home Services, we have the solution to your unique rodent control problem. Learn more about our Rodent Control Services.

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