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Once-A-Year Pest & Termite Protection™

We’re Not Just Another Pest Control Company

At Safer Home Services in Fayette, Fulton, and Coweta Counties, we do things differently. With decades of pest industry experience and extensive technical expertise, we can offer customers more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our different pest control services. When you work with our Atlanta team, you can count on our pest control professionals to have the right tools and training to diagnose your pest issue accurately and provide an effective treatment that lasts. And we always promise — satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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    Free Pest and Termite Inspections

    You can’t treat a problem that you don’t fully understand. Pest inspections give you a full understanding of your current pest situation and the recommended treatment plan.

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    Once-A-Year Pest Protection

    Forget about disruptive monthly visits to spray your baseboards! We take a more thorough and scientific approach to help lock out pests. Plus, Safer Home Services does it in just a single yearly visit!

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    Guaranteed Termite Control

    Using the industry’s best technology, we identify the type of termites, determine the extent of the infestation, eliminate your termite problem, and help prevent re-infestation.

    Termite Control Information

Handling All Of Your Pest, Rodent, & Termite Control Problems in Fayette, Fulton, & Coweta Counties

No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with, Safer Home Services Atlanta has a solution. It all starts with our free inspection where we will identify any pest issues and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your property.

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    Termites destroy houses and cause billions of dollars of damage each year in the United States. Even worse, most insurance companies don’t cover termite damage. Safer Home Services is the industry leader in termite inspection using the most advanced technology available.

    Termite Control Information

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    Whether you’re dealing with common household ant annoyances or a more invasive ant issue, we can recommend an ant control solution to help you eliminate these unwanted guests and keep them out.

    Ant Control Information

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    Turning on the kitchen lights and spotting a roach crawling along the floor, or even worse, inside the cabinets where you store your dishes, is something nobody wants to experience. Safer Home Services will fully inspect your home for any signs of roaches.

    Cockroach Control Information

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    Rats and mice are nuisances that cause property damage and transmit diseases. Traps or poisons will not keep rodents out of your home permanently. We have solutions to eliminate these pests from your home.

    Rodent Control Information

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    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs’ small size makes them difficult to locate, and difficult to eradicate, without professional help. We use cutting-edge techniques and proven strategies to help you send bed bugs packing.

    Bed Bug Extermination Information

  • Common house fly


    Whether they are buzzing around your head, landing on food, or irritating your dog, flies are a nuisance at best, and at worst, a health hazard. The most prevalent house-infesting flies are common house flies, drain flies, and fruit flies.

    Fly Control Information

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    Other Pests

    Are you dealing with another type of pest? Safer Home Services can probably help with those too! From our Once-A-Year Pest Protection service to more targeted treatment, we can recommend a solution.

    Pest Control Information

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