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A 2-In-1 Solution For Your Pest Control Needs

Safer Home Services was founded with one goal in mind: to provide a more efficient, convenient solution for common household pest problems. Achieving this goal began with the understanding that some homes simply need more pest protection than others.

For homes that need a little extra protection, we highly recommend our Total Home Protection Package. No more monthly visits to spray your baseboards–our Total Home Protection Package combines two of our most reliable services into one, long-lasting solution for all your pest and termite control needs!

  • What’s Included In Our Total Home Protection Package?

    Our Total Home Protection package provides homeowners with double the protection from unwelcome intruders by combining our Guaranteed Termite Control** and Once-A-Year Pest Protection* services. If you’re looking for a little extra protection from unwelcome pests, our Total Home Protection package may be the perfect treatment for your pest and termite control needs!

    While no two pest problems are exactly the same, our Total Home Protection package protects your home from some of the most common household insects and pests. Whether you’ve had the unfortunate experience of spotting a roach in your kitchen cabinets or have seen a trail of ants marching across your dining room floor, our Total Home Protection package is guaranteed to stop these pests in their tracks.

    Total Home Protection: What To Expect

    Our Total Home Protection package acts as an annual solution for your pest control needs. This 2-in-1 service package will last at least three hours to ensure effective treatments that last the whole year. When our experts arrive on the job, they start by providing our Once-A-Year Pest Protection service.

    After identifying the specific insects at the heart of your issue and their potential entry points into your home, we devise a solution personalized to your unique pest problem. This process involves working inside and outside of your home to treat these potential points of entry in order to form a protective barrier.

    The second, and equally crucial, part of our Total Home Protection package is our Guaranteed Termite Control process. Since termites are notorious for silently wreaking havoc on wooden structures, many homeowners only discover the severity of their termite problem once the damage has already been done. At Safer Home Services, we provide extensive termite control services to eliminate your termite problem and prevent future damage and infestations.

    To address homeowners’ varying termite control needs, our Guaranteed Termite Control service includes both our Guaranteed Subterranean Termite service AND our Drywood Termite Protection service. These services are also backed by a $500,000 retreatment and repair warranty. So if these pesky termites find their way back into your home, you’re covered.

    Regardless of the termite species running amok in your home’s infrastructure, your local team of pest control experts is dedicated to eradicating your pest problem at the source.

    Provide Your Home With the Protection it Deserves With Our Total Home Protection Package

    Our team of experienced and licensed technicians come equipped with the tools to handle all kinds of pest problems. Since there’s nothing worse than only discovering the presence of these pests once substantial damage has already occurred, we offer annual, thorough inspections to nip these problems in the bud.

    Get your home the much-needed protection it deserves when you book our Total Home Protection package! This 2-in-1 service package ensures your peace of mind year-round by combining our quality Once-A-Year Pest Protection and Guaranteed Termite Control services into one complete package.

    Ready to prevent pest and termite invasions in your home? Contact us today to connect with your local pest control professionals!

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