Free Pest Inspection

Protect Your Property With A Free Pest Inspection

At Safer Home Services, we understand the importance of addressing pest, rodent, and termite issues promptly and effectively. But you can’t solve a problem that you don’t fully understand. That’s why we offer a no obligation inspection by our highly trained and well equipped pest control professionals

Thorough Pest Inspection Results In Effective Solutions

Most pest control companies simply do not provide their field technicians with the right training… or the right tools. They often lack even the basic tools – such as a high-quality flashlight, safety glasses, and a crawl suit to inspect your attic and crawl space. They may miss plainly visible signs of pest infiltration and leave you with false assurance.

In contrast, all Safer Home Services technicians are thoroughly trained in pest, rodent, and termite control. They will conduct a full inspection of even the hard-to-reach areas of your home to identify potential entry points, nesting areas, and any signs of pest activity. This free comprehensive inspection allows us to develop a customized treatment plan targeting the specific pests impacting your property.

By offering a free pest inspection, we are able to provide you with transparent knowledge about your current pest issues and provide informed treatment recommendations. Contact us today to schedule your pest inspection and get started on the path toward a pest-free home.

Technician with flashlight looking over garage interior

No Cost Termite Inspections

We understand that dealing with a potential termite infestation can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we offer free termite inspections using some of the most sophisticated technology available. All termite inspections are not created equal. An inspection is only as good as the inspector, and an inspector is only as good as their ability to see. That’s why all of our Safer Home Services technicians are equipped with Termite Radar which enables them to detect the presence of termites behind walls. Learn more about our free termite inspections here.

Checking walls for heat signatures