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There will always be damage when it comes to rodent infestation. With Safer Home Services, we want to reduce any further damage both to your property and your belongings. Our full spectrum rodent trapping and monitoring services are guaranteed** solutions for rodent protection — or your money back!

  • How We Trap Rodents

    After our technicians do a thorough inspection and monitoring of your property, we set up trapping methods based on infested areas and population size of the rodents. Safer Home Services uses the latest technology and materials available for rodent control services, which include:

    • Specially designed one-way exits
    • Tamper-proof, weighted bait boxes
    • Non-anticoagulant rodent bait

    These methods allow us to reduce the chance of rodents becoming trapped in any places that technicians cannot access. Once all rodents have been removed, our technicians will permanently seal the access areas and provide you with our Safer Home Services Rodent Exclusion Warranty. Any additional rodent issues in or around your property after it has been treated will be re-checked for any damage and re-sealed as needed as long as you have your rodent protection warranty with Safer Home Services.

    A black mouse trap on floor against white wall

    Safety Harbor’s Owl Protection Group

    Safer Home Services is a proud recipient of the “Friends of Our Raptors” certificate from Safety Harbor’s Owl Protection Group for the rodent control materials used and our methods of rodent exclusion. Our unique non-anticoagulant rodent bait only impacts the rodents that feed directly on the material, keeping other animals in our environment safe, such as owls, hawks, and animals further up the food chain. We want to not only protect your home from rodents but protect our beautiful environment as well. This method prevents any non-target species poisoning while keeping the health of your family, pets, and nature friends safe!

    A mouse trapped in a metal rodent trap

    To learn more about our unique approach to rodent control, call Safer Home Services and schedule your no-cost rodent inspection today! Our technicians are ready to help protect you, your family, and your home from the damage that rats and mice can cause by locking them out of your home, guaranteed or your money back.

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