Rodent Exclusion

Say Goodbye to Rodents for Good with Rodent Exclusion

Rodents can cause damage to a home or business and spread disease, risking the health of you, your family, and your employees. While other companies may offer to trap the rodents in and around your property, Safer Home Services takes it a step further. We specialize in monitoring rodent activity, trapping the targeted species, and preventing future entry.

  • What is Rodent Exclusion?

    mouse coming out of a chewed hole in a wall

    This is the process of physically sealing entry points and access sites (as small as a quarter) that rodents can use to get inside your home or business while allowing the ones currently within the premises the chance to leave through our custom one-way exits that are installed. Our expertly trained technicians thoroughly inspect both the inside and outside of your property to provide the best method of controlling rodents.

    Three mice coming out a hole in drywall

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