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Safer Home Serivces imported the Termatrac Termite Radar technology directly from Australia. They really have termites in Australia and need to use the best technology available to control and eliminate them, just like Safer Home Services. The handheld termite radar devices are provided to every Safer Home Services technician after they have completed their training and the technician will be able to demonstrate to you exactly how the technology works during your in-home inspection. A well-trained technician can detect signs of termite inside the walls, floors, and wood beams of your home. A tech can’t locate them without some way of “seeing through walls”. This is where the Termatrac T3i comes in. Termatrac is the only handheld termite radar device available.

The Termatrac T3i uses three separate detection and tracking technologies contained within the device. These include a Radar, Temperature and Moisture sensor. With these three detection technologies, your Safer Home Services technician will be able to not only find the areas termites could potentially be in, they will also be able to confirm live activity, and the severity of any infestations, all with one handheld tool. During your inspection the technician will record the readings of the termite radar using their mobile phone or tablet and with that, show you exactly where the infestations are and measure the severity of any infestations based on the measurable results shown on their device.

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    Using The Termatrac for Inspections

    We detect movement, heat, and increased moisture levels inside the wood of your home or business. By doing so, the Termatrac T3i brings an unprecedented level of sophistication to termite inspections. If you have termites, your tech will be able to confirm that they are active and measure how large a potential infestation could be. We will even be able to show you the termites’ movement on the screen and provide you with copies of the recorded activity levels once we have completed a thorough inspection of your home. With that information provided, you will know where in your home the termites are currently eating the wood (if they are active), and know the exact best method of treating the termites based on your technician’s expert recommendations.

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    Added Accuracy and Verified Results for Treatments

    The Termatrac’s radar signals are set to identify termites and ambient noise or movement can be accounted for to prevent false readings. Your Safer Home Services technician can detect live termite activity through many materials. Timber, brick, masonry, concrete, plaster board, drywall and plastic plus other common building materials found inside a home or business. The Termatrac radar requires no physical penetration of walls so there is no need for drilling or prodding top confirm live termite activity, it is all done with the handheld radar device and accurate readings can be provided to you so you can see exactly what the technician can see. Since we do not have to drill into the walls or wood of your home to confirm the termite activity, they remain active for easy and accurate detection by the Termatrac. Call Safer Home Services for your professional termite radar inspection. Your local area technician will complete a full inspection of your home, confirming any live termite acvitiy with the device or even better, providing you with peace of mind knowing that there are no live termites after our inspection.

    Does anyone else use the Termatrac T3i?

    Other companies may have one or two units, but these are rarely utilized on every inspection they provide, and are instead used in specific circumstances by just a few technicians at the company. We provide Termatrac Radar to each technician after they have completed their training on termite inspections and identification. Not only will your local area technician provide you with confirmation of termite activity in your home if it is found, you will be able to see exactly what they are seeing inside the wood and walls of your home and a report of the technician’s findings will be provided to you upon completion of the termite inspection process. If you think you may have termites in your home or business, call Safer Home Services and know for certain what type of termite or pest activity you are dealing with in your home, all at no cost or obligation to you.

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