Why Safer Home Services

Experience The Safer Home Services Difference

At Safer Home Services, we’re committed to being your trusted partner for all your pest, rodent, and termite control needs. We are proud to offer a higher quality Once-A-Year Pest Protection* service that is guaranteed to work and is more convenient for you. From our free inspections to the treatment, we take a more thorough scientific approach to help lock out pests.

Once-A-Year Pest Protection

Forget about disruptive monthly visits to spray your baseboards. At Safer Home Services, we take a different approach to help lock out pests. And we do it in just a single yearly visit! Our Once-A-Year Pest Protection service is delivered by highly trained technicians through a detailed application method that keeps common household pests out – guaranteed** or your money back.

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Free Pest Inspections

Our expertly trained technicians are armed with the most advanced pest control strategies and methods to ensure that we properly diagnose your pest control issue and develop an effective treatment plan.

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safer home services employee wearing gloves inspecting mattress for bed bugs

Scientific Treatments with Latest Technology

Every Safer Home Services technician is fully trained on how to identify and treat any pest, rodent, or termite issue that you may be experiencing in your home or business. They will utilize the latest pest control treatment methods to lock pests out of your home for good. Each technician is equipped with the most advanced termite detection technology so if you have termites, your tech will be able to confirm that they are active and measure how large a potential infestation could be. We will even be able to show you the termites’ movement on the screen and provide you with copies of the recorded activity levels once we have completed a thorough inspection of your home.

demonstration of safer home services employee using termatrac against wooden wall to detect termite nest inside

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Safer Home Services guarantees your satisfaction with its Once-A-Year Pest Protection service for one year after the Once-A-Year Pest Protection service date. If Safer Home Services cannot make you a satisfied customer for its Once-A-Year Pest Protection service, it will refund your last Once-A-Year Pest Protection service payment amount. If you are not fully satisfied with any of our services, please email us at [email protected].