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Termite Radar by Termatrac

We imported this termite radar technology from Australia. They Really have termites in Australia. These handheld devices were worth every penny. The problem is that termites colonize inside walls and wood. A well-trained technician can detect signs of them. A tech can’t locate them without some way of “seeing through walls”. This is where the Termatrac T3i comes in. Termatrac is the only device with radar.

It uses triple detection and tracking technologies. These include Radar, Thermal and Moisture sensor. Learn how to get a Free Pest and Termite Inspection today.

Termite Radar

Using The Termatrac for Inspections

We detect movement, heat, and increased moisture levels. By doing so, the Termatrac T3i brings an unprecedented level of sophistication to termite inspections. If you have termites, your tech will find them. We will even be able to show you the termites’ movement on the screen.

Added Accuracy and Verified Results for Treatments

Radar signals are set to identify termites. We can detect termites through many materials. Timber, brick, masonry, concrete, plaster board, drywall and plastic. Plus some other common building materials. Know if you have ants or termites. There is no need to access building cavities and voids. The Termatrac requires no physical penetration of walls. There is also no need for tapping or prodding. Termites do not retreat. They remain active for easy and accurate detection by the Termatrac. The Termite Detection Radar is very precise. Call us for a free inspection. We are happy to schedule a free inspection.

Termite Radar

Does anyone else use the Termatrac T3i?

We believe we are the only one in this area. Other companies may have one or two units. However, few have invested in supplying all of their technicians with them. Our competitors don’t make them available to customers for free. Our service is free.